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Image by Motoki Tonn

[Monthly] Guided Masturbations

Release stored trauma from your body so you can enjoy more play time.

Image by We-Vibe WOW Tech

Empowered Sexuality

Body Knowledge = Body Confidence

  • Expand your capacity for pleasure

  • Know yourself deeper

  • Gain confidence with your body

  • Make sex less stressful & more playful

Image by Tim Marshall

Non-Monogamy 101 for Spiritual Souls

  • Discover your implicit biases about love & relationships

  • Turn scarcity/control paradigms into abundance/trust paradigms

  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and others

  • Make conscious dating choices

Image by Tim Mossholder

Gender Conscious

  • Understand gender through connection and exploration

  • For the gender-curious and trans allies

Image by madison lavern

Embodied Activism

Most activists have good intentions. We want to change the world for the better. However, part of the human condition is that we internalize our environment in our subconscious mind and, ultimately, our embodiment. What might it look like to embody what we seek [collective liberation, abolition, etc.] in our movements?

Here we will expand our awareness of how the way we show up either gets in our way or moves us forward. We will practice creating change in a way that that embodies our values and future vision.

As Audre Lorde says, we cannot dismantle the master's house with the master's tools. 


Womxn Get Angry, Too

People socially conditioned as female are often taught to not show their anger, calling it "inappropriate". Like with any emotion, not releasing anger will cause the energy to get trapped in the body, making it ever-present just below the surface.

This is a brave space for cis womxn, trans men and non-binary folks to awaken stagnant energy in the body, providing a mental/physical/spiritual release.

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