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Would you ever try something different from what you grew up with when it comes to dating?

Of all of the things you’ve inherited from your environment, are your dating patterns something you want to hold onto?

Living in a mono-normative society, it’s easy to mistake monogamy as the only way of dating, or even the “right” way. Inaccurate assumptions are inevitable from this perspective. But what if you could see past the misconceptions and make conscious choices in your relationships?

This workshop covers the basics of non-monogamy: what it is, what it isn’t, how it works, and how it might create an opening for more love and connection in your life. The content is framed through spiritual principles of interdependence, abundance, and impermanence. Even if you decide to stay monogamous, you will gain tools to help you choose connection over control in your relationships.

Who is this for?

People of all genders, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, or relationship status. Both couples and singles are encouraged to register. Though, couples are recommended to use separate laptops (there will be breakout rooms).

Spiritual Background

Forest experiences spirituality as boundless love without hierarchies. He believes spirituality is an experience you must explore by going inwards. It's something you feel and discover through personal experience, not by others giving you the answers. His spirituality is shaped by, but not limited to, Buddhist principles.

There is no singular way to experience spirituality. If you have any form of relationship with spirituality, you are welcome to attend! That could include a journaling practice, meditation practice, examining your social conditioning, seeking deeper meaning, etc. - whatever spirituality means to you :)


• You will receive a Zoom link a week prior.

• Zoom Fatigue is real! There will be a lunch break 12:30-2pm PT.

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