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A self-paced online class for the poly curious

     Non-monogamy is not just for fuck boys! It can bring you some of the deepest intimacy you’ve ever experienced...if you approach it from a Spiritual lens (not to be confused with organized religion).


     This class is for beginners & poly curious folks. Learn about non-monogamy from a trauma-informed, spiritual viewpoint (emphasizing abundance, impermanence & interdependence). Dispel myths, worries, & fears so you can make conscious choices in your relationships.


What you'll get

  • 2 hours & 46 minutes of educational videos

  • Journaling prompts / reflection questions

  • Community forum where you can share your reflections & connect with others


Part 1: Intro

  • Course Outline

  • Forest’s Background

  • Spiritual Principles

  • Aim for the Stretch Zone


Part 2: What is Non-Monogamy?

  • Unpacking Subconscious Bias

  • U.S. Marriage Statistics


Part 3: Dif Relationship Formats

  • Relationship Possibilities (graph)

  • Possible Relationship Formats

  • Other Types of Partnerships

  • Visual Examples


Part 4: Spiritual Principles

  • Benefits of Non-Monogamy

  • Control vs. Surrender

  • Hierarchies & Spirituality

  • Interdependence - a visualization


Part 5: Attachment Styles

  • Attachment Styles Overview

  • Cultivating Secure Attachment

  • Identify Your Needs with the Stability Wheel

  • Suggested Practices


Part 6: Systemic Challenges

  • Internalized Oppression

  • Mono-Normativity

  • Hetero-Normativity

  • Relationship Escalator

  • Dif Ways of Showing Commitment


Part 7: Spotting Red Flags


Part 8: Setting Yourself Up for Success

  • 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition into Polyamory

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