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Sat, Feb 19



Embracing Imperfection

A combination of somatic exercises help build secure attachment by releasing stagnant energy.

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Embracing Imperfection
Embracing Imperfection

Time & Location

Feb 19, 2022, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM


About the event

About Perfectionism 

Spirit knows that your value is inherent. That your existence is a gift. But Capitalism has forced us to find safety through fierce competition - being the best, the most wealthy, the most desirable, the most whatever. Folks socially conditioned as female are systematically trained to find safety through being compliant and obedient.

Perfectionism is an intimacy killer. You tend to hide parts of yourself until they're "fully polished." But is anything really ever finished? Life is an ongoing journey! If you're waiting for perfection to allow yourself to be seen, you'll be waiting forever.

Intimacy is a state of mutual vulnerability. If you're unable to allow yourself to be seen unfiltered, in progress, imperfect - you're closed off to intimacy. Intimacy is how we feel connected, how we nourish spirit. Divesting from perfectionism is investing in connection.

How We Heal 

This workshop uses a combination of EFT (emotional freedom technique), breath work, meditation and masturbation to release the energy from the body that perpetuates trauma bonds.

Trauma gets stored in the body on a subconscious level. To release it, you must leave your logic brain and tap into the subconscious energy field around the body.

The energy healing starts off with EFT tapping, which Forest will guide you through. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) touches along the energy highways along the body to awaken dormant energy leftover from unprocessed trauma.

Now that your energy field is feeling more light and expansive, we’ll transition into a guided meditation that will help your mind/body integrate the shift into a new paradigm. The meditation will help you feel grounded in yourself so that you can expand your stretch zone and explore new possibilities.

Now that your energy is freed up and your body is feeling relaxed, we will solidify the work we’ve already done with a guided masturbation (cameras off). The end goal here is not orgasm. Rather, the guided masturbation serves as a mindfulness meditation. [Not all meditation requires you to sit in silence]. Forest will coach you on how to use your breath to anchor you (in sync with rhythmic music) as you slowly awaken the body and feel the energy circulating throughout your entire system. The guided masturbation focuses on balancing yin and yang energy, which will build off of the prior energy work we’ll have done thus far.

What You’ll Walk Away With 

You’ll walk away feeling light and refreshed. You might even notice an afterglow the following day. During the energy healing, you’ll notice a physical release from your body, which can show up in many ways (crying, burping, yawning, farting, etc.)

Even though you might not notice it on a conscious level, the body will have processed a lot of emotions. Make sure to stay hydrated afterwards and avoid high stimulation environments and activities.


  • [30 min] EFT (emotional freedom technique) - rhythmic tapping along your meridian points to release stored trauma from the body
  • [10 min] Guided Meditation
  • [20 min] Guided Masturbation - This guided masturbation uses breath work to tap into the vital life force that flows through you. Not only will it be an opportunity to connect with yourself on an intimate level, but it will build on the energy work to help release old energy that gets stuck in the body.


  • Cis women and trans folks
  • Forest will use gender neutral language to guide you

*This is not a space for cis men


  • Intuitive Stretching
  • EFT Tapping
  • Group Discussion/Reflections
  • Silly Wiggles!
  • Guided Meditation
  • Guided Masturbation
  • Bio break
  • Group Discussion/Reflections
Connect Before & After

Download the Bloom app to see who else is going and connect before/after. The Bloom app is a sex-positive, consent centered social app designed by queer & trans folks.

Forest’s Approach

Forest believes that healing doesn’t always have to be “work”. It can also be play (if you let it!). Healing is a lifelong journey. There’s no finish line. If you’re waiting until you’re fully healed to allow yourself to let loose and be silly, you’re gonna be holding your breath to your grave! When you allow yourself to enter the energetic state of play (creativity + curiosity) you are signaling to your body that you are safe, which helps your nervous system return to a state of homeostasis, which is inherently healing! As we process what might be difficult or heavy emotions, we will balance it out with silliness (channeling our inner child) and connecting with each other in between activities.


Um...Will People be Nakey? 

Take a deep breath, bb. We won’t be nude on camera. As we approach the guided masturbation, folks will turn their cameras off. Forest will guide you with his camera (and clothes) on.

 Lube + Toys 

Lube + toys are optional. If you like using lube, then let there be lube! If you don’t masturbate with lube, that’s cool too! You are the expert of your own body. Do what you need to enjoy yourself :) If that means finishing yourself off with a toy, you’re more than welcome to bring a toy - though this guided masturbation will not incorporate toys.

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