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Did you know trauma gets stored in the body on an energetic level?

If you've ever found it difficult to be fully present during sex this could be why.

When trauma gets stuck in the body, the blocked energy creates tightening, stiffening, tension and anxiety.

It's so automatic, that you might not even notice. What might be more obvious is that you're not enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Release blocked energy every

Third Saturday of the month

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Next Month's theme is...

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Have you ever been on a date with a man where he was expected to go down on you, but not the other way around?

I don’t know about you, but never in my life has that happened to me!

The Patriarchy socially conditions men to honor their needs while teaching women to put everyone else’s needs first.

When these two dynamics come up against each other, it often creates a power imbalance where a man will advocate for his needs over and over until they get met and the woman eventually caves in, but is unable to advocate for her own needs in return. (For the record, gender is not binary. However, patriarchal gender roles are.)

• Do you feel guilty when you put your needs first?

• Are you more comfortable giving than receiving?

•Do you feel selfish when you ask for what you want?

• Do you find it difficult to vocalize what you need?


This Guided Masturbation will help you release layers of social conditioning + trauma that are energetically stored in your body. We will practice EFT (emotional freedom technique) - rhythmic tapping along your meridian points to release stored trauma from the body. This session will help you feel more deeply connected to your partners while feeling more capacity for pleasure!


People with vulvas of all genders


• Intro [30 min]

• Stretch break [5 min]

• EFT tapping [40 min]

• Bio break [5 min]

• Guided Masturbation [20 min]

• Meditate [10 min]

• Bio break [5 min]

• (Optional) Group Discussion/Reflections [10 min]

Um...Will People be Nakey?

Take a deep breath, bb. We won’t be nude on camera. As we approach the guided masturbation, folks will turn their cameras off. Forest will guide you with his camera (and clothes) on. 

Lube + Toys

Lube + toys are optional. If you like using lube, then let there be lube! If you don’t masturbate with lube, that’s cool too! You are the expert of your own body. Do what you need to enjoy yourself :) If that means finishing yourself off with a toy, you’re more than welcome to bring a toy - though this guided masturbation will not incorporate toys.

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